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Course Description: PER-229 - Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO)

**Note: To attend this class, you must bring a laptop computer with internet accessability running a minimum of Windows 98 or Windows XP**

This 3-day performance-level course provides training on the fundamental elements of the CAMEO Suite of programs as they relate to emergency situations. As such, it includes detailed technical information and hands-on practice of critical elements of the CAMEO system and its associated programs (CAMEO Chemicals, CAMEOfm, ALOHA, and MARPLOT). To better understand how the programs interface, participants are provided opportunities to practice key procedures that allow users to enhance planning and response activities associated with community risks. These exercises clarify the connections between the programs and how they can enhance emergency planning and response activities. 

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through the Training and Education Division, is supporting several major initiatives to improve the capability of emergency services agencies to respond to emergency situations. The National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT)/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education (ACE) at Louisiana State University (LSU) developed the Introduction to the Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite course to provide performance-level training to emergency response personnel, principally by training representatives of local and state agencies who respond to such crises.

Many jurisdictions are challenged to find funding and resources to acquire computer software designed to effectively manage the vast amounts of data required for quality emergency planning efforts. The CAMEO Suite provides an effective tool to manage information for all types of emergency situations; it is a free, public domain collection of software applications developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Bureau of the Census, and the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Target Audience:
All types of emergency response personnel including fire, law enforcement, emergency medical technicians, public health officials, HazMat professionals, public safety communications representatives, public works, emergency managers, security personnel, corrections officers, hospital officials, Red Cross volunteers, chemical plant staff, and other local, state and federal employees associated with emergency planning and response.

Core Capabilities:
• Environmental Response/Health and Safety
• Infrastructure Systems (Response)
• Intelligence and Information Sharing (Prevention and Protection)
• On-scene Security and Protection
• Operational Communications
• Operational Coordination
• Situational Assessment
• Threat and Hazard Identification 

There are no prerequisites for attending this course; however, basic personal computer (PC) skills and knowledge are required, and familiarity with databases, spreadsheets and digital mapping is preferred.

To enroll in this course, participants must be US citizens and must possess or obtain a FEMA student identification number (SID). To obtain a FEMA SID, visit https://cdp.dhs.gov/FEMASID/ and follow the instructions. All non-U.S. citizens must be approved by DHS to participate in this training. 

Testing and Certification:
Participants will be given two tests—a pre-test administered during the first module (prior to instruction) and a post-test administered during the last module after completion of instruction. Each test will include one or more items designed to assess mastery of the module enabling learning objectives. Successful performance on the post-test (i.e., scoring 70% or better or 80% if Train-the-Trainer) will be recognized by issuance of a Certificate of Completion. Unsuccessful performance on the post-test will be reflected by issuance of a Letter of Attendance that recognizes the individual’s presence during the instruction. Re-tests are available upon request.

As a part of each instructional module, participants will be asked to complete several activities that are designed to assess mastery of each module objective. If participants successfully complete each of these module activities, they will receive a Certificate of Completion that recognizes their capability to participants’ agencies. The post-test is scenario-based, and specific performance criteria are included in this plan of instruction. A score of at least 80% is required to receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition, instructors determine participants’ achievement of affective goals by evaluating their individual completion of workshop modules and activities. Active participation and successful execution of these module activities (tests) will be accepted as achievement of these goals.

For most sessions, KDEM will set up lodging arrangements to be direct billed to us. Please look under the Registration Tab and then click on the Details Button for your session to be sure that lodging is available for the session you need to attend. Reservations for lodging can be made by contacting Greg Myer at Greg.s.myer.nfg@mail.mil.

These rooms will be available for Kansas residents traveling 50 miles or more to attend this training. Arrangements for lodging cannot be provided if participant is using Federal preparedness grant funds for this training. Residents outside of Kansas and private contractors are not eligible for direct-bill lodging provided by KDEM.

If you have a disability and need special accommodations in order to fully participate in any training activity, please contact the State Training Officer, Erin McGinnis, at (785) 274-1413 or erin.m.mcginnis2.nfg@mail.mil, to discuss your specific needs.

Subject Area(s):
Management / Leadership
Informatics / Technology
Computer Skills/Training
Emergency Management
Law Enforcement
Emergency Responders / Receivers
Law Enforcement
Emergency Management
Fire Service
Hazardous Materials Personnel
Public Works
Administrative Support Staff
Administrators / Directors / Managers
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Government / Community Leader
Senior Level-non supervisory staff
Course Language(s):
Course Level: Intermediate
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
Registration Restrictions:
Sponsor: KDEM 2017
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Name: Greg Myer
Phone: 785-646-3023
email: greg.s.myer.nfg@mail.mil
Name: Isabel Herrera
Phone: 785-274-1412
email: maria.i.herrera13.nfg@mail.mil
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Overall Impression Recommends this course: NO  
July 31, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 25, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 19, 2017
I took the course a couple years ago but was glad I took it again. Technology keeps changing and I still learned new things.
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 17, 2017
Very good,
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 17, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: Not Supplied  
July 13, 2017
Learning what the software suite could do was amazing. However, the pace of the course was painful. The instructors seemed to assume their audience had almost no understanding of basic computer functions and belabored the most simple steps, such as locating the "home" button and saving/copying/etc. Rather than hold up the whole class for that 1% that may come in with little to no computer background, that time could have been better used on more advanced topics...or to shorten the class.
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 13, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
May 23, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
May 15, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
May 01, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
April 24, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
March 20, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
March 09, 2017
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
February 28, 2017
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