NWHCC: 2017 Spring Fling Functional Exercise (1068559)
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NW Healthcare Coalition 2017 Spring Fling Functional Exercise

This exercise is a functional exercise, planned for 3 hours - to be conducted in each county at Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
and each hospital EOC. The scope of the exercise will focus on emergency operation coordination and continuity of health and medical services.

1.  The county will engage with community organizations to foster public health, medical and mental/behavioral health social networks.

2.  The county will conduct preliminary assessment to determine need for activation of the county Emergency Operations Center.

3.  Assemble appropriate public health and hospital staff at the EOC to support the community response to the disaster.

4.  Manage and sustain the public health and hospital support to the disaster response.

5.  Exchange information with community response and ESF8 partners to determine and maintain a common operating picture.

6.  Coordinate integrated healthcare surge operations with pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations. 
  Address Immediate Bed Availability (IBA)

7.  Assist healthcare organizations with surge capacity and capability.

8.  Address the needs of at-risk individuals.

Subject Area(s):
Workforce Development
Terrorism / Emergency Readiness
Performance / Quality Improvement
Public Health
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Administrators / Directors / Managers
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Government / Community Leader
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Course Level: Intermediate
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Sponsor: Northwest Kansas Healthcare Coalition
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Course Contacts
Name: Cindy Mullen
Phone: 785-672-2304
email: cmullen@wcphi.onmicrosoft.com
Name: Tami Wood
Phone: 785-639-0594
email: tami.wood@haysmed.com
Name: Toby Prine
Phone: 785-259-5297
email: darby.t.prine.nfg@mail.mil
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