Environmental Public Health Tracking 101 (1019856)
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This course listing is now closed.  (2/2/2012)
If you have not completed the modules feel free to withdraw via the My Learning link on the TRAIN homepage. 

The modules are available through the new course listings posted by CDC:

Environmental Public Health Tracking 101 - Part 1 (Web-based) - WB1799, (1025689)

Environmental Public Health Tracking 101 - Part 2 (Web-based) - WB1810, (1025690)

Environmental Public Health Tracking 101 - Part 3 (Web-based) - WB1811, (1025691)

Environmental Public Health Tracking 101 (activated 11/18/2009)

Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) is the ongoing collection, integration, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data on environmental hazards, exposures to those hazards, and health effects that may be related to the exposures. The goal of tracking is to provide information that can be used to plan, apply, and evaluate actions to prevent and control environmentally related diseases. CDC is currently leading the initiative to build a National EPHT Network, to integrate these three types of data into a standardized electronic network.   This course gives an overview of the major components of Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT). 

Allow 4 hours to complete this course.

Subject Area(s):
Chronic Diseases
Environmental / Industrial Health
Health / Risk Communications
Workforce Development
Performance / Quality Improvement
Environmental Health Professionals
Epidemiologists / Surveillance Staff
Public Health
Administrators / Directors / Managers
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Government / Community Leader
Senior Level-non supervisory staff
Course Language(s):
Course Level: Introductory
Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals:
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: yes
Registration Restrictions:
Sponsor: National Environmental Health Association
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Name: Rance Baker
Phone: 303-756-9090
email: rbaker@neha.org
URL: http://www.neha.org
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