Ready, Willing and Able Online Training (1020884)
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Course Description:

Ready, Willing, & Able - Disaster Preparedness and Response Course on Meeting the Needs of Persons with Disabilities (1020884) (activated 2/15/10)

A course designed for the public health, hospital, preparedness, emergency response and disaster relief workforce.

After completing the course and evaluation a certificate of completion will be available through the 'Certificate' link on the right handside of the homepage.

Specific training covers disability etiquette, terminology, and communications and assistance techniques during disasters for assisting people with disabilities. Course participants will become familiar with various disaster assistance needs of persons with sight, mobility, hearing and cognitive disabilities. Instruction is given in the video by professional educators with one educator being a person with a disability to enhance the experience of acquainting the audience with disabilities.

Course Objectives - At the conclusion of this training participants will be able to:
1. Describe different needs populations.
2. Use correct terminology.
3. Describe methods to approach persons with disabilities.
4. Gain skills to better perform your duties.
5. Describe the characteristics and needs of individuals with disabilities.
6. Acquire knowledge of best practices.
7. Provide the best possible outcome for the client/consumer, the responder, and the receiver in the event of a natural or bioterrorist disaster.
8. (#1) Describe the public health role in emergency response in a range of emergencies that might arise.
9. (#4) Describe individual functional role(s) in emergency response and demonstrate the role(s) in regular drills.
10. (#6) Describe communication role(s) in emergency response within the agency, using established communication systems for the agency, general public, personnel, and media.
11. (#7) Identify limits to own knowledge, skills, and authority, and identify key systems for referring matters that exceed these limits.
12. (#9) Apply creative problem solving and flexible thinking to unusual challenges within an individuals functional responsibility and evaluate effectiveness of all actions taken. 

Course Navigation Instructions: Print Navigation Instructions
1. This online course will take 2 hrs to complete and includes a pre/post assessment, video, an evaluation and course certificate.
2. Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your browser and high speed Internet service
3. Turn OFF your pop-up blockers
4.Test the compatiblity of your computer for taking this online course:
    » Click the help button located on the TRAIN Navigation taskbar
    » Left-hand menu select 'Test Your Environment', Run Test button
    » All of the checkmarks should be GREEN 
    » If any of the links are RED, click the link and follow the prompts

CLICK HERE to download the Kansas State Board of Nursing Individual Offering Approval Form. 
Subject Area(s):
Cultural Competence
Workforce Development
Terrorism / Emergency Readiness
Public Safety
Policy / Planner
Emergency Responders / Receivers
Law Enforcement
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Fire Service
Administrative Support Staff
Administrators / Directors / Managers
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Government / Community Leader
Senior Level-non supervisory staff
Course Language(s):
Course Level: Introductory
Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals:
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
Registration Restrictions:
Sponsor: University of Kansas Research and Training Center on Independent Living and the Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Name: Debbie Nickels (KS-TRAIN questions)
Phone: 785-291-3457
Name: Val Renault
Phone: 785-864-0575
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